First impression Staged

A staged property sells faster and for top dollars whether the market is up or down. By enhancing your home’s features, the value of the property is increased through the buyers’ eyes.

Realtors receive maximum commission by not having to reduce the price, and save money by omitting additional marketing strategies. Realtors that provide staging services have a competitive edge over other agents, while their clients receive an added value beyond standard realty service.

96% of prospective purchasers view properties online; therefore, good photos result in buyers visiting the home. A potential buyer is in the home for only minutes, so the first impression counts!

We will transform the home into a model suite by showing off its full potential. We will do an objective assessment to emphasize strengths and minimize flaws. By suggesting simple ways to highlight the best features, we add appeal and pull things together with a flow.

Here are some recommendations:

- Create open spaces by updating colors, window treatments and flooring

- Clear the clutter by de-personalizing

- Remove trophies, children’s artwork, religious artifacts and family pictures.

- Re-arrange furniture, accessories, artwork, lighting and polish up the decor to make the space sparkle!

These strategies help sellers detach themselves emotionally and think of their home as a product on a shelf, while allowing buyers to visualize themselves living there.